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Detalles de la oferta

CAPITAL HUMANO RRHH selects a BUSINESS ASSISTANT for a company that provides products in the North American market mainly through an online platform.

The search leans towards sales-oriented professionals of both genders between 25 and 35 years old with experience in sales, business, marketing and international commerce positions. The candidates must have a wide commercial vision, a proactive approach to the sales process and the ability to coordinate between the different areas in the business (staff, suppliers and clients).

It is a mandatory requirement to have native English or proficiency level. Also continuous sales and business experience in the last years and previous international commerce positions. Web marketing, experience in sales with English-speaking clients and international business experience will be valued.

The company offers a position in a dynamic environment with a focus on international markets and with opportunities for professional growth. Salary aspirations will be requested.

CV to mentioning the reference number (Ref.1931)

Nivel Jerárquico: Empleado

Horario: Lunes a Viernes de 09.00 a 18.00 horas.


  • Comercio – Mercadeo – Ventas / Análisis de Negocios
  • Comercio – Mercadeo – Ventas / Comercial / Ventas
  • Comercio – Mercadeo – Ventas / Desarrollo de Negocios
  • Comercio – Mercadeo – Ventas / Ejecutivo de Cuentas
  • Directivos – Ejecutivos / Management
  • Marketing – Publicidad / Desarrollo de Producto / Marca
  • Marketing – Publicidad / Marketing
  • Oportunidad de Negocio / Oportunidad de Negocio



  • Captación de Cuentas
  • Gestión de cuentas
  • Marketing al consumidor
  • Marketing directo
  • Venta de productos en general
  • Ciencias de la Comunicación
  • Comercio Internacional


  • Inglés

Estudio Mínimo Necesario: Grado Terciario Completo

Áreas de estudio:

  • Marketing / Mercadotecnia
  • Periodismo / comunicación social
  • Comercio Internacional
  • Administracion de Empresas
  • Marketing / Mercadotecnia
  • Marketing / Mercadotecnia
  • Comercio Internacional
  • Marketing Digital / Online

Edad: Desde 25 Hasta 35 Años