Hiring! Linux System Administrator

Hiring! Linux System Administrator

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Hiring! Linux System Administrator

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We are ideally looking for somone who is based in or around Montevideo, Uruguay, though we will consider applicants from Uruguay as a whole. Our office is in Parque Miramar, Montevideo.

We are looking for someone who can work either day time or evening shifts (EST), with occasional shifts that may end at 1AM EST.


Kualo are looking for a system administrator superstar to join our technical support team.

Not sure what web hosting is? Then I'm afraid this isn't for you.

Still reading? Great, we'll carry on!

Let us be clear.

We don't use the word superstar lightly.

Working in our tech support team means that you need to be awesome.

And if you are awesome, we'll pay you an awesome salary. It's that simple.

Why do we only hire awesome?

Because it's you who will define our customers' experience when they need help the most.

It's you who saves their bacon with a handy backup restore, when they've accidentally deleted their website.

It's you who helps them use our awesome tech to get their WordPress website loading in milliseconds, when it took an eternity at their previous host.
It's you who amazes them as you identify an issue their Magento store that their developers couldn't even fix.

It's you who delights them with a lightning fast reply that hits their inbox moments after they sent in the SOS.

It's you who makes our customer smile with a joke that brightens up their day.

And it's you who represents our company, helps us get more 5* reviews, and allows us to grow because people just can't wait to tell their friends, aquaintances and their next door neighbour's cat about the insanely awesome service we provide.

But helping customers is just one component of your role with Kualo.

We'll be honest, we're a small team.

That's another reason we only hire awesome people.

As a small team, we want everyone who works with us to work to their full potential, whatever that may be.

Imagine starting out as a tech support representative, but becoming a "tech supporting, code writing, sales and marketing superstar, with a little bit of devops engineering on the side".

We wouldn't want to stop you from becoming one of those. So if it suits you, become one.

As well as supporting our customers, you may wish to get involved with helping us code - whether that be automating server tasks with shell scripts, extending cPanel functionality by writing plugins or helping us in developing our website.

You may have experience in setting up load balanced clusters, MySQL replication or distributed storage systems and want to dive into some challenging engineering projects for our enterprise customers.

If writing's your thing, you could get involved with creating blog articles, e-books or other resources to help our customers make the most of our platform.

Maybe you're a dab hand at SEO optimisation, or know a thing or two about social media marketing and have some ideas to share.

No matter whether you have existing strengths outside your primary job role, or whether there are areas you're not experienced at but would like to get involved in - at Kualo, you'll have the freedom to explore how your unique qualities and interests can help us move the company forward.

You might be a good fit for us if:

- You have tons of your own ideas and want somewhere that will help you put them into action.
- You aren't afraid to say when you disagree, and want to help make it better.
- You enjoy working on different things, but you get sh*t done.
- You are predisposed to action - you just start doing, and you have a sense of ownership.
- You have a superpower that makes you stand out in some way. You're remarkably smart. Remarkably creative. Remarkably resourceful. You see through walls where others cannot.
- You're open and honest with yourself. You're transparent, you give and take feedback, communicate clearly and keep your promises.
- You're enthusiastic about helping others, and you believe that success only comes when we work together.
- You're a lifelong learner who is never satisfied by what you know, and are always looking to see what else you can learn and be involved in.

Oh! And you're also "A-OK" with with working in a small team, and with colleagues who may be at the other end of a wire rather than in the same room as you.

We're a different proposition to the "other guys" with flashy offices and hundreds of staff.

We don't want to hire ticket machines, whose job is to answer tickets day in, day out, answering them faster and handling more of them, on loop and ad infinitum.

And although we're not all in the same space, our close knit team is more like being part of a family.

We understand that this is not for everyone.

And so we don't want to hire just anyone.

But maybe, just maybe, you're right for us, and we're right for you.

If you think we'd get along, apply below.


You might have noticed the general lack of lists of duties, roles, perks etc. in this job post.

We're not ticking boxes. We're finding a culture match.

Provided that you have some experience in web hosting tech support including cPanel and the likes of WordPress, Magento and other similar web applications (be that one year or a lifetime!), and provided also you have superb spoken and written English, your exact skills and experience level are secondary to us!



  • Linux


  • Inglés
  • Español

Estudio Mínimo Necesario: Secundaria Completo

Edad: Desde 18 Hasta 70 Años

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