Junior Software Developer

Junior Software Developer



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Junior Software Developer

Detalles de la oferta

We are looking for a proactive student of software engineer with good English communication skills to join our development team, part or full time.
We offer a place that promotes creativeness, comfort and remuneration according to your responsibilities and expertise.

At DESIGN-IT you can also build your professional career targeting top positions in our company. Professional improvement is always encouraged.

--- MUST HAVE ---
* Some knowledge developing software using PHP, Ruby or any similar web language.
* Software Engineering studies (currently studying or with degree).
* Good spoken and written English

--- NICE TO HAVE ---
+ Work experience developing software using PHP, Ruby, or any similar web language.
+ Work experience using a framework like Laravel, Rails, etc
+ Work experience in modelling relational databases (UML, ERM).
+ Knowledge in MySQL or similar.
+ Knowledge in Version Control Systems such as Git.
+ HTML, CSS, Javascript.
+ German language (reading, writing and speaking).
+ Availability to travel.

Nivel Jerárquico: Empleado

Horario: Part time - Flexible


  • Tecnologías de la Información / Análisis de Sistemas
  • Tecnologías de la Información / Arquitectura de Sistemas
  • Tecnologías de la Información / Calidad de Sistemas
  • Tecnologías de la Información / Diseño Gráfico / Web
  • Tecnologías de la Información / HelpDesk / Soporte Técnico
  • Tecnologías de la Información / Programación
  • Tecnologías de la Información / Desarrollo



  • CSS (Cascading Style Sheets)
  • HTML
  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • UML (Unified Modeling Language)
  • MySQL


  • Inglés
  • Alemán

Edad: Desde 21 Hasta 40 Años