Sales Assistant

Sales Assistant

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Sales Assistant

Detalles de la oferta

A family owned company located in Uruguay, with a very good working environment and flexible schedule is looking foward: Sales Assistant

We are looking for:
An English native speaker with a basic domain of computer tools.
Experience in customer service, sales and/or help desk will be valued.

Responsibilities include:
Provide support to Management and the Sales Department, making contact with clients in different parts of the world via e-mail and phone. The person will be in charge of studying information and preparing reports, entering data into the system, managing the e-mails, contacting clients via phone and e-mail, supporting the Sales Department in the definition and planning of sales actions and other customer service tasks.

Nivel Jerárquico: Empleado


  • Administración – Secretariado / Auxiliar Administrativo
  • Administración – Secretariado / Facturación / Cobros / Pagos
  • Administración – Secretariado / Secretaría
  • Atención al Cliente / Atención al Cliente



  • Atención al Cliente


  • Inglés

Edad: Desde 22 Hasta 32 Años