Senior Java Developer

Senior Java Developer



Jornada Laboral:

Senior Java Developer

Detalles de la oferta

Are you the kind of person who:

Loves writing code and building great applications.
Wants to work with a team that treats each other with respect and challenges you to be better.
Can write Java EE Applications.
Can write SprintBoot Applications and Hibernate or JPA data objects.
Knows SpringBoot and Spring Framework
Experience developing microservices
Writes JUnit test cases.
Can develop RESTFul API endpoints containing JSON.
Able to identify and fix defective, poor performing or non-scalable code.
Knows how to develop and debug distributed applications.
Understands software security practices including user authentication and authorization, data validation and an understanding of common DOS and SQL injection techniques (OWASP 10).
Is familiar with profiling, code coverage, logging, common IDE’s and other development tools.
Demonstrates good judgment, creativity, and ingenuity in proposed technical solutions.
Coordinates work across teams to build seamless features.
Knows how to use Git or wants to learn.
Can write design specifications and use appropriate charts and diagrams to illustrate your ideas.
Can perform code reviews, providing positive and constructive feedback as well as accept feedback about your own code.

What you also need to have:

Be a proactive and dedicated person.
3+ years of development experience with Java EE/Spring .
Experience working in an Agile environment
Familiarity with SQL databases.

Nivel Jerárquico: Empleado


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