Senior Software Engineer

Senior Software Engineer



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Senior Software Engineer

Detalles de la oferta

The Senior Software Engineer will be responsible for acting as a technical leader and mentor for engineers in the team and collaborating with the Architecture Team to define the company’s direction and best practices. It’s expected this individual will be passionate about applying the right technology solutions to solve tough development challenges efficiently and elegantly. He/she will be ruthless about creating software productively that is both performing and scalable.

High level of spoken and written English language
* Strong experience in one of the following backend technologies: .NET, Java, COBOL (Required)
* Strong experience with Object Oriented design and development
* Strong experience applying TDD and/or BDD
* Experience with Microservices or SOA architectures
* Proficient using code versioning tools such as Git and Stash
* Leadership skills
* Experience working in an Agile/Scrum environment
* Self-starter and ability to think outside the box
* Strong ability to learn from existing legacy code, derive essential functionality and translate to new model and design as required
* Ability to work under pressure in a fast-paced environment maintain a positive and supportive attitude within the team

We offer an excellent work environment and the possibility to grow professionally

Nivel Jerárquico: Empleado

Salario Nominal: Desde $ 70000 Hasta $ 130000

Horario: 09.00 a 18.00


  • Tecnologías de la Información / Análisis de Sistemas
  • Tecnologías de la Información / Arquitectura de Sistemas
  • Tecnologías de la Información / Gestión de Proyectos
  • Tecnologías de la Información / Programación
  • Tecnologías de la Información / Desarrollo



  • Visual Studio .NET
  • Java
  • C#
  • Metodología Scrum


  • Inglés

Estudio Mínimo Necesario: Grado Terciario Completo

Áreas de estudio:

  • Computación - Sistemas - Programación
  • Computación - Sistemas - Programación

Edad: Desde 29 Hasta 46 Años